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 Energy and Resources
The Nathan E. Stewart fuel barge and part-sunken tug the morning of the incident (Jordan Wilson/Pacific Wild)

Central Coast diesel spill response slow, ineffective, serious damage done: Heiltsuk

Contrary to PR spin, the response to a recent diesel spill on the central coast was slow and ineffective, say Heiltsuk officials, leading to serious contamination of important shellfish sites.
Sunken tug towing Nathan E. Stewart (Image submitted)
Former federal cabinet minister and Alberta Premier Jim Prentice, whose recent work with major private equity firm Warburg Pincus has seem him become a strong proponent for multiple pipelines. (Photo: Canada2020/Flickr)
Members of the Treat 8 "Justice for the Peace" Caravan (Photo: Gary McNutt)

Justice for Peace Caravan tells Trudeau: Keep your promises to First NationsĀ 

On the eve of a federal court hearing into Site C Dam, the Treaty 8 Justice for the Peace Caravan is taking its message across Canada: It's time for the Trudeau govt to start keeping promises to First Nations.
BC Hydro being used to funnel billions to Liberal friends
Deadly Norwegian disease found in BC's farmed salmon

Deadly Norwegian disease found in BC’s farmed salmon is a game-changer

The discovery of a deadly Norwegian disease in BC-raised farmed salmon is a game-changer, says Ray Grigg, especially since it could spread to wild salmon.
Juvenile salmon at Flora Bank, where a controversial LNG terminal is proposed (Tavish Campbell)
A BC sockeye salmon spawning (Stan Probocsz/Watershed Watch)
 Climate Change
Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna with BC Premier Christy Clark (right) announcing her government's approval of PNWLNG (Province of BC/Flickr)

Rafe: With LNG approval, Trudeau govt shows true colours…but we shouldn’t be suprised

British Columbians have every reason to be mad at the Trudeau government's approval of PNWLNG - but no reason to be surprised, says Rafe Mair. It's been all downhill since those bold promises on the campaign trail and in Paris.
Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna gets failing report card
Christy Clark promotes "Clean LNG" at Vancouver conference last year (David P. Ball)